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Internet Achievers Club is delighted to present a collection of 18 assets that your customers are going to love! With the option to edit, sell, repurpose, give away, bundle, offer individually, create press releases or articles for use on Social Media, websites, forums, blogs or other platforms there are lots of options to generate interest and sales. These EBooks detail information that shows how proven and significant incomes are generated for others and how achievable it is for anyone to action. There is no second guessing what works and what doesn’t it’s all laid out for you and your customers in an easy to follow format.

The ebooks provide proven methods of earning $60,000 and $100,000 from home are produced with detail that will show your audience that it really is possible to make a good living online with these ‘been there done that’ examples. The articles can be used on their own or edited with redirects as traffic generators to wherever is required. Your customers and subscribers will be intrigued by what is on offer here because nothing has been seen quite like this before. These assets provide for a market that is looking for knowledge! It’s a competitively priced package with a sales page written by a top copywriter that’s designed to convert. There are also high commissions on offer with good earnings potential for this launch. Mark your diary for the Internet Achievers Club PLR launch!

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  • Ebook: A Proven $60,000 PA Work From Home Business Case Study.
  • Ebook: A Proven $100,000 PA Work From Home Business Case Study.
  • 2 Ebook covers
  • 14 x 500+ Word Articles: Internet Marketing News, Reviews and Tech.
Here are the article titles:

  • When to send a marketing email, and the value of ‘add ons’
  • Marketing automation platforms overview
  • Growing Popularity of Health Apps
  • Marketing On Streaming Platforms
  • Artificial Intelligence and A/B Testing Obsolescence
  • Initial Coin Offering Marketing Success: Golden Path Checklist
  • Marketing automation
  • Benefits of email scrubbing
  • The vital tenet of Customer Analytics
  • The continuing popularity of vouchers
  • When to consider working from home
  • Opportunities to supply local retailers Digital Transformation services
  • Mind map Your Way Into A Work From Home Business
  • 100 Ways To Get More Customers

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Focus Report: Subscription or Membership as a Work From Home Business. This report focuses on the opportunities created by an online subscription or membership business. It follows the exact procedures followed by an entrepreneur (and that anyone can follow) to identify if a sector is worth investigating further. Then by utilising these methods and the results generated in deciding whether to target a particular niche in that or any other market

Will these assets sell?
Information about Work from Home Businesses is in demand


The e learning platform Udemy sells thousands of courses in this sector. Here are the latest trending topics:

2019 Trending Topics List

Life Coaching
Business Analysis

Project Management
Product Management
Management Skills
Business Strategy
Investment Banking

Lots of business topics feature in the list of trending subjects and it’s an evergreen sector….


OTO also includes:  The EReport: Secrets Of The Billion Dollar Software Industry & How To Grab Your Share

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Your customers can have their own report researched and written that can then be sold or given away. Each report is over 3,000 words of unique content that’s created by myself a successful entrepreneur presented in a business report that’s written and supplied as a word document. Included are complete rights so customers can use however they want such as sell on Clickbank, WarriorPlus, Social Media etc


Includes 2 months access to me during UK office hours via Facebook & email to provide answers regarding business research, creation, marketing, ongoing development and selling a business.  Normaly this service is charged at over $200 an hour.


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